25 Things I Can Control

My dog killed a squirrel this morning.  Nothing is safe if it gets within her reach. Birds, lizards, and now a squirrel. I have no control over her actions. She barks too loud, she likes to play even when we’re tired, and she’s a hunter. Control. This past year so many things have been out of our control.  I’ve spent today focused on what I do have control over.

Here’s my list:
  1. my attitude
  2. what I think about
  3. who I interact with
  4. how I treat others
  5. my physical well-being
  6. how deeply I connect with God spiritual
  7. my gratitude level
  8. Whether or not I chose to try again
  9. my daily habits
  10. how I spend my time
  11. whether I spend or save money
  12. how I talk to myself
  13. the number of times I check my phone
  14. who I follow or unfollow on social media
  15. my priorities
  16. how I process my feelings
  17. the amount of effort I put into something
  18. what, when, and how much I eat
  19. how often or if I exercise
  20. what time I go to bed
  21. how often I read my Bible
  22. how much time I spend in prayer
  23. whether or not I ask for help
  24. if I say yes or no
  25. the boundaries I choose to set
What About You?

Have you ever stopped to make a list? I’m sure yours would look different than mine. But each of us has things that we can control. God has given us the power to make choices. In this world, there will be things beyond our ability to manage.  Sometimes it’s easy for us to get overwhelmed and feel out of sorts. But, again, we can control when we seek support or ask for help. We can choose to pray and ask for prayer. God is watching over us, and He’s working things out on our behalf. Even when we can’t see it or feel it, our God is ultimately in control!

Let’s Reflect: Make a list of things you can control. Journal and pray over your list.

Let’s Pray: Father God, we are grateful that You are in control of all things. Nothing comes into our lives without passing through Your hands first. Show us what we need to be responsible for. And show us how best to handle our frustrations with all that feels out of control. Thank You for always working on our behalf. In Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

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