Psalm 20 A Prayer For Us All

After a week of heavy-heartedness, I have a sense that we need something—a prayer for us all.  Many times when I am at a loss for words, I pray using scripture. Have you ever tried that? Using God’s words is a powerful way to pray. And power in prayer is what we need today. 

Priscilla Shirer says that prayer is “the fuel that drives everything”.  May this prayer, based on Psalm 20, be fuel to your spirit, just as it has been to mine.  

May God hear the cry of your heart. May His name keep you safe from all harm. May He send you help and strengthen you from on high. May He remember all of your gifts and look favorably on your offerings to Him. 

May He grant you the desires of your heart.  May He make all of your plans succeed. May we rejoice over one another’s victories and praise God for what He’s doing in our lives.  May He answer all of our prayers. 

May He rescue us from all despair and help us overcome whatever challenges we are facing. May we not depend upon our own abilities or capabilities but on the strong name of the LORD our God. May we rise and stand firm in Him. 

Lord, we praise You and worship You and stand with our hearts, hands, and spirits open to be filled by Your gracious presence.  May Your love fly as a banner over our heads.  May we lift up our eyes and keep them firmly fixed on You. 

May every challenge we face fade into the background as we seek to serve You and love You with all of our hearts, souls, and minds.  May we walk in a manner worthy of You. 

In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

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