Harnessing the Power of Godly Habits

Two unmarked speed-bumps are on the road I’m traveling this morning.  I know exactly where each bump lies and ease my car over the first one.  I look for pedestrians, cars pulling out of the parking lot to my right, and slowly move through the intersection. On the other side of the t-shaped crossroad is the second bump. I navigate the traffic and my thoughts as I make my way to the gym.  The paved new road ends, and the old dirt road begins. I negotiate with potholes and vehicles coming at me on the wrong side of the road.  Fueled by the power of godly habits, I arrive at my destination on time and head up the stairs. Are your mornings predictable? Do you know what to expect as you journey through your day?

I need consistency in my days. It gives me peace to know what to expect. Even the unmarked bumps in the road can’t throw me off course because I know the way.

John Maxwell says “You have a routine, a set of habits. Your habits impact every aspect of your life, from health to wealth to relationships.”

Harnessing the Power of Godly Habits

When we harness the power of these godly habits, pray, sweat, eat, repeat, we receive several gifts:

Prayer gives us the gift of intimacy with God. It encompasses our time in the word, praise,  worship, soaking in His presence,  and practicing gratitude. We grow in our relationship with Him as we give Him the first part of our day.

Sweating gives us the gift of maintaining a healthy temple. We are His workmanship. We’re skillfully crafted and designed by Him.  Sweating helps promote cardiovascular health, boosts our energy, promotes good sleep, and improves our mood.

Eating healthy food gives us the gift of feeling better physically and mentally. It helps improve our memory, boosts our mood, and strengthens our bones.   Our food choices provide the fuel we need for our bodies and brains to function at their peak level.

Repeating our actions gives us the gift of harnessing the power of godly habits.  Godly habits declutter our souls, set our priorities in order, and lead to a life of reverence for the Lord. We offer our bodies as living sacrifices and allow our minds to be transformed by Him.

Embracing the Ultimate Goal

In good times or challenging seasons, living in sync with the breath of God drives us to the ultimate goal, of being more like Christ. 

Let’s Reflect: Take a few moments to consider your daily routine. What needs to change to fall in line with His rhythm?  Journal, pray, and listen to His voice throughout the coming week.

Let’s Pray:  Yahweh, we praise Your name above all others. We commit our lives to the beat of Your heart. Fill us with Your breath.  Teach us to number our days and make them count for You. We desire to live wholeheartedly, using every gift, and harnessing the power of habits ordained by You. Thank You for the gifts of a life lived intentionally for Your purpose.  In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


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