What’s So Important About Choices?

A freak accident took over our 4th of July celebration.  Netflix is cued up, popcorn is on the stove, and hot chocolate is next on my agenda. I open the cabinet door, and before I can react, a ceramic Christmas plate from the top shelf crashes into my forehead, just above my right eye. Blood, pain, and confusion all vie for my attention. I can’t see. It’s hard for me to think. Tom grabs our passports, some cash, and guides me to the car.  My husband’s calm and decisive actions lead me to the ER at a private hospital.  What’s so important about choices? Choices come with a cost.

Upon our arrival, everyone is kind, attentive, and calm. They’ve seen it all before.  The nurse checks my wound and reassures me that the doctor is on his way.  The doctor sees me about 15 minutes later. He gives me two choices, one stitch or four. One stitch will close the wound but leave a scar. Four will minimize the scarring.  I think of the cost and the pain involved.  Peace comes over me, and I choose the four stitches.  It will cost more, take longer, but it’s the best choice for me. I ask for my husband to join me, and he holds my hand through the procedure. He supports me, but the decision is all mine to make.

I am reminded of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane. He sweats drops of blood as He agonizes in prayer.  Jesus knows the cost, how long it will take, and that it’s the best choice for you and me.  What choices are you facing right now?


What is so important about choices?

Our ability to choose impacts the quality of our lives.

Jesus made choices with His life to benefit us.  His choices honored God, the Father.  He valued faithfulness and obedience to His Father’s will. He chose the pain, the cost, and the three days in the grave.  Our choices are not of the same magnitude as His.  Some choices have eternal significance for us personally, while others affect our reputation or our legacy.

Freedom To Choose

Time will tell if my choice to have four stitches was worth it or not.  The greatest gift that 4th of July night was my freedom to choose.  According to the Statistical Institute of Belize, the national poverty rate here is 52%. This means not everyone has a choice about where to go for emergency medical care. My bill at the private hospital was $125USD. This may not seem like much by American standards. However, for those living in poverty, it’s an overwhelming amount. 

What choices are you facing today? Exercise your freedom to choose with wisdom, grace, and gratitude. Choice is a gift to be cherished and valued.

Let’s Reflect: If you live in a country that celebrates its independence, how do you celebrate? What freedom do you have to make the best choices for yourself and your family? Make a gratitude list and give God praise for the gift of choice.

Let’s Pray: Holy Spirit, guide us as we make choices. Help us to dig into the word and learn wisdom. We are grateful for the power of choice. We are grateful for the ability to choose a life with You. Thank You, Jesus, for making salvation free. Thank You for paying the ultimate price for us. We cherish the gift of salvation. And we praise You, Jesus, and glorify You for all that You’ve done to reconcile us to God.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “What’s So Important About Choices?

  1. So good!
    Makes me think of the song Choices by George Jones.
    “Some choices have eternal significance for us personally, while others affect our reputation or our legacy.” May we all choose wisely and learn from the poor choices we’ve made.

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