Dare to Clap for Yourself

When was the last time you dared to clap for yourself? Or is that hard to do? So often we set goals or test a new habit, and get discouraged when no one else notices our progress. But, what about us acknowledging our personal progress? How about clapping for ourselves when we succeed?

Eight weeks ago, I switched from bodybuilding to powerlifting. I’ve learned new skills, corrected my form on familiar exercises, and changed how I track my progress. In the process, I’ve noticed other powerlifters celebrating themselves. Whether it’s a new personal record, improving form, or noticing their strength gains, they acknowledge each milestone.

I wonder how God reacts when we celebrate ourselves?

Growing up, it was boastful to celebrate self. It was a sign of not being humble before the Lord.  And yet, David in Psalm 139, praises God for being fearfully and wonderfully made. God hand-designed our bodies, our hearts, and our minds. He created us the way we are and the way we’re supposed to be.  His Holy Spirit dwells in us.  He made our bodies to be His temple, so why isn’t His creation worth clapping for?

Success after a failure

I dared to clap for myself after lifting a weight I failed at two times before.


After a year of restrictions, lockdowns, and isolation, we’ve all learned new skills. We’ve learned to set up meetings on Zoom,  worship online, bake sourdough bread, make whipped coffee, and gather virtually for special occasions. Our priorities and values have shifted as we’ve lost loved ones along the way. We’ve come through a challenging time together, and yet, alone. Why not clap for yourself?! Celebrate the life you have. We dare not take another day of life for granted.  Take note of the milestones you’ve achieved.  Praise God for your design and the skills you’ve gained. Rejoice in how God made you! After all, you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Let’s Reflect: Read Psalm 139. What new skill or accomplishment can you praise God for? Dare to clap for yourself and make Him the center of your praise.

Let’s Pray: Father, all that we are is because of You. We praise You for our strengths, skills, and victories. We honor You with ourselves. May You be glorified by all that we learn, overcome, and grow through. Thank You for Your grand design. We worship You because we are fearfully and wonderfully made!


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3 thoughts on “Dare to Clap for Yourself

  1. Amen! We gotta clap indeed! Too often we miss out on the many blessings and milestones because we are focusing on the bad, on the failures. Thanks for the reminder Sis!

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