How Are You Eating?

Slow. Deliberate. Mindful.

Those three words describe my newfound eating practice.  I began my year, like so many others, with a fast. As I fast and pray, it’s about more than giving up food. This is the final semester of my Bachelor’s degree, and like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, I’m seeking knowledge, understanding in every kind of literature, and wisdom.

In the first chapter of Daniel, these four men gave up the King’s delicacies. Instead, they chose vegetables and water. It was a sign of devotion to the Lord. It was their way of honoring their bodies, their temples of God.

If you’ve read the YouVersion devotional, #praysweateatrepeat, then you’re aware I believe food is fuel.  Having the proper fuel gives our body the nutrients needed to accomplish our goals. This year I chose to give up sugar and meat. My prayer goal is clarity, focus, and energy to finish well.

Have you heard the saying, “fasting without praying is just a diet”? If we are called to fast, then we are also called to pray. To remind me to keep my heart and head in the right place my practice is;

Eating Slow. This helps us to feel full, eat less, and improves digestion.

Eating Deliberate. This helps us make wise choices about food.

Eating Mindful. This helps us be grateful for the nourishment and strength it provides.

It’s important to take note of how various foods make us feel. I had my gallbladder removed several years ago. Because of that, it causes pain for me to eat too much fat.  I can’t have greek yogurt, an avocado, and eat popcorn made with coconut oil on the same day. All of those items are great choices individually, but when combined, they are not healthy for me.  Does that make sense? Knowing your limitations helps you set strong healthy boundaries for yourself.

The path to wellness includes eating good food. I’m doing that slowly, deliberately, and mindfully. How about you?

Let’s Reflect: What issues do you have with food? What kind of fast have you tried? Read Daniel 1:1-21. Take time to journal and pray about whatever God reveals to you as you read His word.

Let’s Pray: Holy Father, thank you for the gift of food. Thank you for the variety of choices in food. Thank You for the richness of Your word and Your faithfulness in rewarding our sacrifices to You. Give us insight, wisdom, and keen understanding as we seek Your face and listen to Your voice. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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