Are Those Your Real Arms?

What is the most unusual question you’ve heard? I have to admit, “Are those your real arms?” still has me scratching my head.  After all, I’m confident he knew my arms were real, so perhaps there was another reason for his question. This encounter led me to think about an odd question we find in scripture.

An Unusual Question In The Bible

“Where are you?” Our All-Knowing God asked this question of Adam in the garden. God obviously knew exactly where Adam was located. So what was the reason for the question?

  • God was holding Adam accountable. “So the Lord God called out to the man and said to him, Where are you?” Genesis 3:9
  • He was calling Adam out of hiding. God was aware of the shame and guilt Adam felt.
  • God was acknowledging the loss of intimacy with Adam. The sound of God walking in the garden should have brought them close to God. But they allowed their sin to drive a wedge into their relationship with Him.
  • He wants Adam to confess what he has done.
  • He wants their relationship restored.

Have you ever felt like God was asking you an odd question? There is nothing that catches God off guard.  Nothing escapes Him or surprises Him. When I was a child, God’s question made me think I could hide from God. Some of us still hold onto this childish notion. And when I say some of us, I mean me. There are times when I find myself trying to hide a negative attitude or bad habit from Him. I have to acknowledge my foolishness and come clean with Him.

Inviting and Honoring

Like Adam, during this season of Advent, I hear God calling out, “Where are you?” It’s a time for inviting His presence into our homes. It’s a time for honoring His name.  As we wait and wonder, look and listen, may we also take the time to evaluate where we are. And may we choose to invite Him to walk with us through this season and honor Him in our celebrations.

Let’s Reflect

Do you hear Him calling out to you?  What question is He asking you in this season?

Let’s Pray

Come, Lord Jesus, come! We are waiting, hoping, and seeking Your presence and Your favor in our lives. May we deepen our intimacy with You in this season. May we hear Your footsteps and come running to greet You. Come, Lord Jesus. Come!

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