5 Ways to be More Observant

“You’re not very observant.” my husband matter-of-factly declared. At first, it hurt my feelings. Then I began to notice details I hadn’t seen before. How long have I lived with unfocused eyes? My overwhelmed, just-get-it-done, to-do list following lifestyle damaged my view of the world around me. 2020 graciously stepped in and began making changes to my life. Read that last sentence again with a sarcastic tone to get the full meaning. 

God used this pandemic to make many of us stop and take notice this year. Did it happen to you as well? The word observant means: quick to notice things. Things that may have been obscured by busyness are now front and center. Those habits that we can’t shake. That relationship in need of mending. The thing we said we’d start tomorrow. 

Now is the time to be more observant with our prayer life, fitness routine, food intake, and our daily habits. Are they leading us to the goals we have set for ourselves? It is the daily choices that we make that have the power to transform our lives. 

This first week of Advent is a great time to open your eyes to all that is around you. Start with time in the Word each day. Ask God to reveal the wonderful things He wants you to see. This builds a foundation on which to notice everything else. As we count down the days until Christmas, let’s be vigilant. Let’s make this final month of the year the most joyous one of all!

There are many ways to be more observant. Try one of these:

  1. Begin each day by writing out your prayers. Slow down and be more intentional and strategic with how you pray.
  2. Try keeping a fitness journal. Are you making progress with your current fitness routine? If not, a journal will reveal what is or is not working. 
  3. Track your daily food intake. Are you getting enough calories to properly fuel your body?
  4. Stop and think about each choice you make during the day. Are your choices leading to your goals or away from them?
  5. Take inventory of your habits. Decide what to keep and what to change. Remember our daily habits are the key to transformation. 

Let’s Reflect: Choose at least one new way to be observant. Journal about your choice and commit to sticking with it until the end of the year. 

Let’s Pray: Father, open our eyes to see the wonderful things You want us to notice. Show us through Your word, our relationships, and our habits, all the lessons You have for us. God, we look to You with hope. We look to You with joy. Help us to keep our focus on You each day throughout the rest of this year. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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