Hands and Knees

Strengthen the weak hands, and steady the shaking knees.” (Isaiah 35:3 CSB)

What do our knees and hands reveal about the attitude of our hearts? Fifteen years ago at the Basilica of the Holy Stairs in Rome, I joined a crowd of believers climbing 28 wood covered stairs. I labored and struggled in prayer on my hands and knees on my way to the top. Glancing behind me I could see lips move passionately but soundlessly much like Hannah in the temple (I Samuel 1:10).

Our raised hands and steady knees build a strong and firm foundation on which to hope in Him. As we practice gratitude He brings our hearts joy as we await the fulfillment of His promises. We don’t have to climb stairs on our hands and knees to honor Christ, instead, we can use our daily lives to glorify God with each step we take towards Him.

Isaiah’s exhortation to strengthen our hands and steady our shaking knees are part of a blessing that was promised after a judgment that was prophesied. 

God encourages the hearts of His faithful children to alter the present condition of their hands and knees. As we exercise let us remember that our hands are made for lifting weights but they are more powerful when raised in praise. Our knees are made to help lower our bodies as we do squats but they can also bend humbly in prayer. May we consider our hands and knees with gratitude as we walk, run, do yoga, or lift weights. And may we find strength in praise and in prayer each day that we have breath. 

Let’s Reflect: Think about the condition of your hands and knees. What do you need to change? Ponder the impact of your posture before God. What does it say about you?

Let’s Pray: Most gracious and Almighty God, I will raise my hands right now to praise You without fear or shame. I will bow before Your throne in prayer with a grateful heart. I take joy in Your promises and I wait on Your perfect timing. Thank you for strengthening my hands and knees as I seek Your face. May You use me to do your will each day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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