Tasted Like

The house of Israel named the substance manna. 

It resembled coriander seed, was white, 

and tasted like wafers made with honey. 

Exodus 16:31


There’s a hidden danger in the words, “tasted like”. Our brains immediately insert the word `exactly` between tasted and like. Often leaving us with an unrealistic expectation of that first bite.

The house of Israel grumbled with disappointment about food on the journey to the promised land. God’s response was to provide meat in the evening and all the heavenly bread they could eat in the morning. 

What does your morning food look like? Pancakes drowning in butter and syrup, a simple bowl of oatmeal, or maybe a protein packed smoothie? Or do we eat our way through a thick slice of social media washed down with a cup of coffee?

Our Instagram feeds are sprinkled with Christian quotes or laced with a devotional thought here and there, but scrolling through other people’s posts cannot sustain us or prepare us to face the day’s challenges like actual time in the word. If we`re not careful our morning habits can leave us with an unfulfilling `tasted like` experience.

Much like an athlete in training, the house of Israel adhered to a strict food plan that didn’t change. Day in and day out they were sustained by the same food for 40 years. Six days a week they gathered manna in the morning and on Saturday they meal-prepped for Sunday when they rested from the week’s labor. 

It’s vital that we regularly eat the bread of scripture for ourselves in order to fill our souls with the precious taste of honey found only in God’s presence. We must thoroughly chew the meat, drink the milk, and be refreshed by the Living Water we discover in the text. Jesus is the unchanging Bread of Life who will transform us into His likeness as we dine on spiritual food day after day. 

Let’s Reflect: Spend time reading through Exodus 16:1-36. Ask yourself, “what have I grumbled or complained about this week?” What new discipline is God asking me to incorporate into my life? Open your hands to prayerfully and humbly give each item over to God. 

Let’s Pray: Father, May we learn godly lessons forged in the discipline of routine. God, whether we train in the wilderness or a land flowing with milk and honey, may we learn obedience, reliance on Your provisions, and the importance of a grateful heart. May the lessons we’ve learned lead us to value the power of the Holy Spirit, deeply desire to honor You with our bodies, and to have a true appreciation for an authentic encounter with You. 

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