Don’t Let Shame Make You Hide

You only need two things to have a “summer body.”

  1. Summer.
  2. And a body.

Wear shorts. Pose for the picture. Go for a swim with your family. Don’t let shame make you hide your body. And for goodness sake, don’t let the shaming come from your own thoughts.

Because of the heat, I wore shorts to work today. There’s nothing scandalous about shorts, I just prefer long pants. The teasing began when I walked in the door. But for the first time, since I have no clue when, I laughed along.

Don’t Let Shame Make You Hide

Immersed in the presence of God, Adam and Eve felt no shame. In the beginning, we were free. Carefree. Then sin entered paradise. Evil disrupted our fun. Now we worry. We allow our thoughts to run wild. All gas, no brakes as we race to be the most significant person in the room. But, is that how we should walk?

As a follower of Christ my aim in life is to walk worthy. Worthiness is weighty. Walking worthy of Christ is part of our calling and responsibility. Just like the cross Jesus had to bear, so too, must we bear the weight of worthiness. Philippians 1:27 calls us citizens of heaven and cautions us to live worthy.

Christ came that we might have a full life. Being ashamed of our bodies falls short of his call.

Instead of busywork, He requires purposeful work that BEARS fruit. And even in our productive spaces we can laugh at ourselves. Laughter alleviates stress. It releases us from the snare of satan. Go ahead, live. Don’t let shame make you hide. Take the pictures, wear the shorts. It’s time to live!


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