The God of Pivot

“He is the God of pivot.” I heard this comment in an Instagram video. What does God of pivot mean? My curiosity led me to the dictionary. A pivot is a shaft or pin on which something turns. What a perfect description of God. He is like the midpoint, or pin, between the hands of a clock. Both hands move accurately because the pivot anchors them to one another as they turn. God is the pivot we need in our relationships, families, and workplaces. His presence is the pivot needed to bring about unity.

Pivotal Moments

God is the God of the turning points or pivotal moments in our lives. When we are closely connected to Him, He guides and directs us according to His timing. Each time I’m asked to speak, I start with a topic and direction in mind. But God often shifts my focus as my notes come together. One pivotal moment for me came when I was preparing a talk on identity. I began looking at who God says we are and along the way, I discovered the importance of taking thoughts captive. It is my strong belief that this pivot was a part of God’s plan.

The Power Of Thoughts

I saw in Genesis 21 how Hagar’s thoughts led her to give up. This is a direct contrast to the Woman with the Issue of Blood, whose thoughts led to her healing. Our thoughts are directly tied to our identity because as a person thinks, so he is. Taking thoughts captive plays a significant role in our acceptance of who God ordained us to be.

The God Of Pivot

We start off in one direction and He opens our eyes, shifts our gaze, and reveals the divine steps He wants us to take. Sometimes it might seem as if we’re indecisive when those pivots come. Yet, isn’t it so like God to use every opportunity to teach us something on the way to the next lesson?

2 thoughts on “The God of Pivot

  1. I love that I always learn something when I read your posts. Thank you so much for sharing! Also congrats on your power lifting I am a former powerlifter and I know how awesome it is to train and hit your goals!

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