Be Right Back!

Team Belize

I’m currently in Panama at the North American Regional Championships serving as the Head Coach for our team of 8 athletes. So far, we’ve earned three medals, 1 Gold and 2 Bronze. Me being the coach doesn’t mean I’ve trained these athletes. It simply means that I get to support them as they compete and guide them to their best possible outcome for the day.

I’ve met athletes older than me, and it’s been exciting to chat with those who have been in the sport for decades and are still going strong.

I competed on the first day, and after winning a gold medal and setting three new North American Records, I celebrated with a new pair of sneakers and a snickers bar.

We strategized for each person and have a few more medal contenders coming up. I’ll be awake bright and early, helping two more of my teammates squat, bench, and deadlift their absolute best.

So how do I wrap this up with a devotional thought for you? I leave you with this: when God gives you a desire that seems like a crazy notion, follow it with the breath of the Holy Spirit fueling your passion every step of the way! Listen to the Father’s voice and allow the Holy Spirit to stir up the flames that lead to knowing Christ more intimately and making Him known plainly to those in your sphere of influence.

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