The Hidden Corset

corset muscleThe secret to our waistline lies in our corset muscle, the transverse abdominis. This is the deepest layer of the abdominal muscles and the only one with muscle fibers that run side to side. This inner ab muscle creates a “cinching” effect. Strengthening this muscle is the hidden corset that makes your waist appear smaller.

Corset Muscle

God designed this muscle as a primary core stabilizer. Isn’t it just like God to craft a crucial part of our anatomy that goes the opposite direction of all the others deep in the core of our being?!

The transversus abdominis plays a crucial role in everyday movements to protect and stabilize the spine. This muscle helps maintain the tension and pressure needed to support your internal organs. It aids the pushing forces your body needs to generate for the late stages of childbirth, bowel movements, or urination. 

Gird Yourself

Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth. Ephesians 6:14a, NKJV

powerlifting beltAs I get to a point where I know my brace isn’t quite strong enough, I reach for my belt. It’s made to a specific standard and is a powerful tool that helps protect my spine as I lift heavier. However, the belt doesn’t work just by putting it on. I have to breathe properly and brace my core. My inhaled breath expands to fill out the belt. That expansion forms the foundation of protection needed to avoid injury. 

Belt Of Truth

Truth is the standard that protects the backbone of our faith. Without Truth, we will fail to get the wisdom and insight needed to guard against the enemy. As we put on the belt of Truth, we must also inhale the power of the Holy Spirit and expand our knowledge of God’s Word to be protected against the enemy of our souls. Let us breathe deeply, expand our understanding, and stand firm. And just as God wrapped protective core muscles around our abdomen, may we securely gird ourselves in the Truth of God’s Word.

Let’s Reflect

Stop and ponder the effect the Truth has had on your life. How has God’s Word protected you in times of warfare?

Let’s Pray

Father, You are the Designer of our bodies, and we are grateful. May we wrap ourselves in the Truth and stand firm, girded, protected, and ready to do the heavy work needed to come against the enemy and advance Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  1. I am very grateful for coming across your devotional it helped me to remember and form good habits and its indeed a blessing!????☝?

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