Below Parallel

below parallel Depth is a word that causes an instant reaction for a powerlifter. I’ve competed on the National level here in Belize twice in my first year of powerlifting. Every meet begins with the squat. And hitting the required depth is not an easy feat, even for the most experienced lifters.  You need to get your hip crease below the top of your knee cap for powerlifting squats. The hip crease is where you see a fold between your hip and thigh. This position is known as ‘below parallel.’ 

Below Parallel

Going below parallel is not just crucial for me as a powerlifter, but it has meaning as I study God’s word. I need to read, re-read, and re-read the same passage again, all to break through to the more profound lessons that I believe God is calling me to learn. Perhaps He’s calling you as well. It can be hard to go below the surface when all we have are brief moments before responsibility calls us into the daily tasks of life.

Slow Down

Going deeper requires us to slow down, pray for insight, and focus our thoughts. Not long ago, I wrote about how Hannah prayed. I’m still studying Hannah. And in the past few weeks, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read 1 Samuel 1 and noticed small things in the text that never before caught my attention.  Is there something or someone that you desire to learn more about? Five to ten minutes a day of focusing on the same passage for a week or two might yield more insight than trying to finish the entire Bible in one year.

Pray for Insight

As we slow down, we pray for insight. We can ask God to illuminate the darkness of our understanding.  God can shine a light through other translations, writing the passage down or reading it aloud.


We slow down, pray for insight, and focus on the text before us. One word at a time, we draw closer to God and become intimate with His voice. Going below parallel transforms Bible reading into life-altering grace-filled moments tucked inside the hectic pace of our days. Slow down, pray, and focus on Him. It will be worth it!

Let’s Reflect

Which passage or character in the Bible is calling you to go below parallel? Dive into that section of the Bible and see where God takes you this week.

 Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father, Thank you for providing the Holy Spirit to be our teacher. Lead us through Your word. Please give us the insight we need to take to heart the lessons You have for us as we spend time in Your word. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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  1. This speaks to my heart. I appreciate how you draw insights from your daily activites to draw me closer to Jesus.

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