Are We There Yet?

My fitness watch is rude. Somedays, it interrupts as I take a break between sets to ask, “Finished your workout?” Today when it happened, it was like a child on a road trip asking, “Are we there yet?” The notification comes with three choices; END WORKOUT, PAUSE, or DISMISS. Most often, I click on DIMISS. Twice, it’s come on as I’m driving home from the gym, and I quickly choose “END WORKOUT.” Have you noticed that God gives us similar prompts?


Most days, I use my well-worn 11-year-old Bible. I go from reading a passage to checking the Bible Study app on my phone to seeing a social media notification to forgetting what I intended to search for on the Bible Study app. Sigh. I’m grateful for those Holy Spirit prompts that ask, “Finished Your Quiet Time?” as He gently reminds me why I was searching.


The first insight isn’t always the deep one that He wants me to uncover. But, I have deadlines to meet, clients to see, and research to complete, so it’s me asking God, “Am I finished?” Much like a child asking, “Are we there yet?” I want to move on to the next thing on my list. But I know that I should linger a while longer. I should PAUSE and read that passage again.


We must DISMISS all the distractions and focus on His voice. Let us cherish the days when we have time to linger a little longer, look up the meaning of words that catch our eye, and meditate on the message He provides. We can put our phones on Do Not Disturb and give God undivided attention. Each week, every day, we have more than one choice moment by moment. Social media can wait. An appointment with the King of Kings carries eternal significance. Intimacy with God is an intentional act and not an accidental occurrence. Let’s ask ourselves, “Are we there yet?”

Let’s Reflect

Choose one day a week to pause and linger longer over His words. Choose one book or passage to focus on for the week. Search out the deeper meaning of the highlight He whispered to your spirit.

Let’s Pray

Father, we pause to give You praise. May we dismiss all the noise and quiet our spirits before You. Our hearts are set to worship, honor, and learn from You. You alone are God. And You alone are worthy. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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