What If I Fail?

“What if I fail?” I asked this question out loud for the first time. Most often I keep close watch over the thoughts in my head. I don’t want to acknowledge thoughts like this. But today? Today I verbalized it. The answer? “Then we’ll know where you’re at.” I needed permission to fail and I got it. Sometimes the support we need to move forward is a green light to risk failure.

I loaded the bar with 135lbs, put on my wrist wraps, and secured my belt. Kaylon got into place at the front of the bench press to spot me.  I knew that if I failed he wouldn’t allow the weight to crash down on my chest. And I also knew that as long as the bar progresses in an upward motion, he won’t intervene. He would allow me to struggle and fail or fight through it for success.

What makes us so afraid of failing?

Embarrassment? Shame? A fragile ego? My fear of failure transformed into iron clad shackles of perfectionism. This fear often led to procrastination. It paralysed me.

I didn’t want to look foolish or be laughed at. It was a five-pound increase over the weight I’d just lifted. Five pounds sounds small but it can be a lot for a powerlifter. I got into position on the bench, took a deep breath, and braced for the lift. After unracking the bar it took a few seconds to stabilize myself. Once I felt ready I lowered the bar to my chest and then slowly raised it back up. All the while my coach was watching every move. There was nothing for me to fear. It wasn’t smooth or pretty. But I did it! The smile on my coach’s face matched the joy and sense of accomplishment in my heart.

God Watches Our Every Move

Can we imagine for a moment how God intently watches over us? He’s there if we fail, succeed, have questions, or move in faith.

The Lord looks over us from where He rules in heaven. Gazing into every heart from His lofty dwelling place, He observes all the peoples of the earth. The Creator of our hearts considers and examines everything we do. Psalms 33:13-15 TPT

The Creator of our hearts is intentional in His care for us. He observes, considers, and examines everything we do. God is with us at all times. Our God is there to pick us up,  guide us on our journey, and strengthen us every step of the way. We can trust in Him, for He alone is worthy of our unconditional trust. What if we fail? We might experience failures, but our Father’s love never fails.

Let’s Reflect

Is there a dream or a goal that you’re afraid to pursue because of the risk of failure? What lessons regarding failure does God have for you in the season? Spend some time reflecting on what you hear Him saying to you.

Let’s Pray

Creator of our hearts, hear our prayer! We praise and glorify Your holy name. Thank You for observing, considering, and examining our lives. We are grateful for Your care and concern for us. May we trust in You. And may we gain wisdom from the lessons of success and failure that You provide for us. Amen.

2 thoughts on “What If I Fail?

  1. Amen!
    “We might experience failures, but our Father’s love never fails.”
    Fear of failure is such a huge roadblock for a lot if us but when we have the right environment and support system it makes a world of difference.

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