5 Spiritual Functional Fitness Training Exercises

What does spiritual functional fitness training mean to you? Have you ever heard of functional fitness training? I just learned about it a few months ago. Functional fitness training is purposeful and supports the daily demands of the human body.  It focuses on movement quality and reducing the likelihood of injury. I worked out the other day and realized the practical applications of the movements I was doing.  Have you ever lifted a suitcase into the overhead compartment on an airplane? Do you carry grocery bags into your home? Doing an overhead press with weights helps prepare you to lift your carry-on bag. And walking with a weight in each hand, farmer carries, strengthens you to carry all those grocery bags in one trip! What about spiritual functional fitness training?

How can we support the Body of Christ and reduce injury among His children? I believe there are 5 spiritual exercises that every Christian should be able to do:

  1.  Know who God is
  2. Know who we are in Christ
  3.  Pray
  4. Read Scripture
  5. Apply Scripture to our lives

Do We Know Him?

God is a God of relationships. He desires a relationship with us. And He desires that we be in relationships with His children. I am still learning about who God is. But I have a better understanding from spending time in the Word.

Do We Know Who We Are?

Because of who God is, we know who we are. We are His children.  1 Peter 2:5 tells us we are living stones, being built into a spiritual house. We are a royal priesthood. Our identity intertwines with His. We have access to every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms.

Do We Pray?

Time in prayer enhances our relationship with God.  Prayer includes praise, worship, confession, gratitude, intercession for others, and communion with Him. We desire more of His will. Our goals change, and our purpose is clear.

Do We Read The Bible?

A passage of scripture each day is time spent hearing His voice. Hearing His voice helps us recognize His word when it’s being taught incorrectly. As we take in God’s word, we’re able to stand against the enemy with certainty.

Do We Apply Scripture To Our Lives?

When we read God’s word, we must determine how to respond.  When we read a command, we respond with obedience.  If we read a promise, our response is to claim it.  When we read the truth about who God is, we must believe it. All of scripture is God-breathed and serves a purpose in our lives.

What Would You Add To This List?

I’m positive that you have something to add.  For me, functioning well as a Believer is a part of our witness for Him. We witness with our actions, our words, and our relationships. As we operate in the gifts He has given us, and His calling on our lives, we function as His hands and feet. And I believe that knowing who He is, knowing who we are, praying, reading scripture, and applying it to our lives, are vital to building up the body of Christ.

Let’s Reflect: Look again at each question. What do you need to add to your life? What would you add to this list? Journal and pray over how best to function as a Christian in your sphere of influence.

Let’s Pray: Father we offer ourselves to You. We want to function as Your hands and feet. We want Your word to move mightily around the world. Help us to improve however we can as Your children. Teach us, work with us, and work in us. Build us up as living stones in Your house. May our lives be powerful witnesses for You.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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