Is He Lord of Our Decisions

“Is He Lord of our decisions?” During my time in Kansas back in 2020, I had several opportunities to chat with my brother, the Coach. One thing we discussed was calming yourself down before making a decision. He advises his athletes to do this during track practice and in real life. He mentioned one young man’s choices in particular, saying, “I told him to count to ten; I guess he only reached 9.”

Quality Decisions

Do you believe that our quality of life is directly linked to the quality of our decisions? I do! The choices we make in life have a significant impact on our overall well-being. So, it’s essential to think carefully and make informed decisions in order to live our best lives.

Let’s turn to Proverbs 3:5-6. It is a familiar passage to many of us, but when I look at it in the Passion Translation, it takes on a slightly new tone,

Trust in the Lord completely, and do not rely on your own opinions. With all your heart rely on him to guide you, and he will lead you in every decision you make. Become intimate with him in whatever you do, and he will lead you wherever you go. 

Is He Lord?

As we consider the question, “Is He Lord of our decisions?” We must first agree on the definition of ‘Lord.’ From the Helps Word Study, I discovered that a ‘Lord’ is ‘a person exercising absolute ownership rights.’ Our God is not interested in partial rights. He wants and deserves absolute ownership rights. In that light, our opinions must take a backseat to His Word. Our plans, wisdom, and insight cannot take us as successfully through life as He can.

Let Him Lead

Before we embark on a new fitness routine or accept that job offer, let’s pray for guidance. Staying in tune with the Holy Spirit’s rhythm is a daily task. It’s a conscious choice to let Him lead, not just in grand decisions but in the daily grind of pursuing wellness.

This week’s Goal: let Him lead and make Him Lord of our decisions.

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