But God.

A few weeks ago I thought my powerlifting career was over. But God. Today I experienced nine white lights (9 good lifts), won four gold medals, and set four North American Regional Powerlifting Records. I’m grateful, I’m tired, my body hurts. But I couldn’t go to sleep without bragging about our awesome God!

Forgive my brevity. I need sleep. I coached an athlete today right after I competed and have another athlete tomorrow. Team Belize is the second largest team here. We have 18 members and we’ve won 22 medals so far.

Eric is a sub-junior lifter who won two gold, one silver, and one bronze. Working with him was a joy. His faith is strong, his attitude was amazing, and his composure on the platform was far beyond all of my expectations for a 17-year-old.

Be still this week. Know that God alone is sovereign. May He give you a, “But God” moment this week. And dear one, may you always let Him have the final say over what you can or cannot do.

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