Three Steps To Handling Small Frustrations

My computer died tonight. I’m devastated, and I feel lost. I’m not always good at handling small frustrations. Because I’m such a creature of habit, my routine is significant to me. I started writing in this space in July of 2020. Since that date, every Tuesday evening, I make a huge cup of tea, get comfy on my bed with my computer on my lap, and write. Right now, I can’t do that. My teacup is empty, and my thoughts are racing. After a few deep breaths, I sign in on my iPad and stare at the screen. And I pray for my thoughts to settle and His words to come.

Bring Thoughts Into Captivity

As I pray, God puts a scripture on my heart, and I’m reminded to bring “every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,” II Corinthians‬ ‭10‬:‭5‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

How do you handle your thoughts in those moments? You know, the ones where your routine comes to a screeching halt. A flat tire, an emergency phone call, a health scare. Any number of issues can rock our world off its axis and scramble our minds. How do we steady ourselves in the face of frustration?

Three Steps to Handling Small Frustrations
  1. Pray,
  2. surrender,
  3. and re-center your mind on Him.

The beginning of the year can lead us to view our lives from a different vantage point. It’s a time to take inventory of who we are. We can assess what types of action we take when faced with even the slightest adversity. Tonight I learned that I could pivot and use another format to accomplish my goal. I discovered that I’m capable of trying new things and finding the good in this situation.

Small Frustrations Don’t Have To Grow

Small frustrations don’t have to turn into big issues. My computer still isn’t working, but God is. Perhaps one of you reading needed this lesson; if so, I’m grateful for tonight’s frustration. And I pray that God brings clarity of thought to you, dear one, just as He’s done for me as I held my iPad and surrendered to His timing and His will. Blessings to you, and my prayers are with you as you read this.


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