Craving Perfect Peace

Pray. Sweat. Eat. Repeat. I’m stuck in an endless activity loop as these words move from a choice to a chore. I feel overwhelmed. I’m craving perfect peace. The verse on my heart these past few days is:

You will keep the mind that is dependent on you
in perfect peace, for it is trusting in you. Isaiah 26:3 CSB


Is my mind dependent on the Lord? Not lately. Sadly, it’s been filled with self-absorbed thoughts. Above all, I desire a mind fixed on Christ. However, my reality doesn’t always match my wants. As a result, I long for an extended time of focused silence to get my mind back in the right place. When my kids were little, I often spent Saturday mornings with my Bible on the sand at Newport Beach in California. My days had a different cadence back then. Little ones were dependent on me to make decisions. And they trusted me to care for them. Likewise, I desire to move forward with a mind entirely reliant on the Lord and filled with perfect peace.

perfect peace

The Pathway to Perfect Peace

Moving forward often involves reflection. We come near to God, press in, fast, and listen for His direction. His direction comes in various forms, not always at our desired pace. We want to know now.  We’re craving perfect peace now. It’s hard to be still and KNOW that He is God without trust.

Wholehearted trust straightens crooked paths in our hearts and minds.

Pray. Sweat. Eat. Repeat.

First, we pray. Prayer keeps us in a constant state of dependence on Him. We pray as we reflect, we pray as we sweat, we pray before we eat, and we pray as we repeat godly habits that build intimacy with Christ. Constant prayer weaves heart whispers, social media posts, and notes tucked inside lunchboxes or gym bags into petitions. Our prayers are the foundation of intimacy with Christ. And this intimacy births praise, gratitude, and a mind dependent on Him. And as a result, we’re grounded by perfect peace. 


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