Where Should We Show Up?

It was his unbridled tilted-head-backward laughter that did me in. He searched the surveillance camera to see if the items I’d paid for made it into the bag. The video clearly showed that they did. After he finished laughing at me, I questioned him again, “then where is it?” He made no customer service attempt, gave me no helpful suggestions, all he offered me was shame. I left the store humiliated and frustrated. Later, I found my item securely wedged underneath the car’s passenger seat. I felt relieved. But deeply disappointed in how he’d treated a long-term customer. That was the day I decided to show up where I am valued as a human being. I can and have forgiven that shop owner, but I don’t have to shop there anymore. So, where should we show up?

Widom Sets Priorities in Order

Life is short. Time is too precious to waste. And having the wisdom to know who and what deserves my time, money, and loyalty is essential.

I show up at church because the fellowship my husband and I experience there is life-giving.

I show up at home because my husband profoundly loves me, and the feeling is mutual.

And I show up at work because I matter to the people I serve, and they matter to me.

As this year comes to a close,  it’s time to ask ourselves about our priorities. Where should we show up? Who do we want to spend time with? Where do we want to spend our hard-earned dollars? Are there relationships we want to deepen? Are there new connections we want to make?

Take Inventory

Here is a link to some questions I ask myself at the end of each year. Three Questions   Let’s take the time to seek God’s priorities for our lives. Let’s stop to ask and answer a few questions. Because knowing what matters to Christ helps us decide what should matter to us and where we should show up.

Let’s Reflect:

How has your experience of this year impacted your priorities? What changes will you make, and what will remain the same in 2022?

Let’s Pray:

Father God, we are Your creation, hand-crafted and designed by You. Help us to care for ourselves and each other. Please help us to show one another respect out of reverence for Christ. Teach each one of us how to bear Your image with grace, mercy, and loving compassion for one another. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.



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