Roadrunners, and Rabbits, and Wolves, Oh My!

On the walks near the house, I’ve seen wildlife. Mostly roadrunners and rabbits. But today? Today I can add wolf to the list. Roadrunners, and rabbits, and wolves, Oh my! Anxious to see what’s ahead, I walk up the path to the dam and am greeted by an astounding view. The combination of an expansive mountain range, desert flowers, and blue skies took me by surprise. I’m not a fan of heights, so I was a bit scared and began to pray. I look up and see a white butterfly, I smiled and relaxed. The Holy Spirit, it seems to me, is guiding my steps. And I’m listening, watching, and trusting this path. I’m a contemplative so I’m willing to slow down and fully experience all that God has for me.

In the Distance 

Then I saw a wolf in the distance. I began to film but quickly lost track of him, so I turned my attention to taking pictures of the incredible view in front of me. Then it hit me. Where did the wolf go? Oh my goodness! As I turned around he was making his way up the hill about 50 feet away from me. Turning to leave, I immediately starting repeating the name of Jesus because I honestly couldn’t put words together to pray.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Walking calmly but quickly, I see a man on a mountain bike in the distance and thought perhaps he’d hear my screams if I got attacked. I knew I had nothing to fight with. It crossed my mind that I have a rock in my purse but my purse was in the car. So I asked the Holy Spirit to place a wall of fire between me and that animal. Another white butterfly passed in front of me, which calmed my spirit, but I didn’t slow my pace or turn around to see where the wolf was.

Just keep Walking

I kept walking and as I came around the curve and made my way down the hill, I saw the wolf. He’d come down on the opposite side of the dam and was now walking toward the street. Standing there staring I breathed a prayer of relief. Then I thought I need a photo. I couldn’t get my phone out of my pocket fast enough to get a clear view as I watched him run across the street and into the field on the other side. My video looks like an old grainy photo one might see of Big Foot. But. It. Happened. Roadrunners, and rabbits, and wolves, oh my! A wolf and I had a moment on the same path, and I survived to tell the tale. 

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