Make Room in Your Heart

By now we’ve made room in our homes for gifts, family, and friends. An old Christmas carol says, “Let every heart prepare Him room.”  I’m grateful for Mary’s example. Her story teaches the importance of making room in your heart.

Mary opened space in her heart after the angel answered her questions. She said to the angel, “How can this be, since I do not know a man?” As a rule, Mary didn’t open her heart mindlessly, she is a deep thinker, one who treasures moments and meditates on them. Mary is open to God’s will because of her relationship with Him. God knew He could trust Mary to make room in her heart for the miraculous. 

Mary’s Example

  1. She made room to conceive, give birth, and name Him Jesus. (Luke 1:31)
  2. She made room for the Holy Spirit to move in and through her. (Luke 1:35)
  3. Mary made room for the impossible. (Luke 1:37)
  4. Mary made room to magnify God and rejoice in Him. (Luke 1:46-47)
  5. She made room to remain. (Luke 1:56)

Make Room In Your Heart

Mary accepted God’s call on her life. She is not a newlywed experiencing the joy of a honeymoon with her husband when they are on their first trip away together. No, she is a betrothed virgin traveling with a man bound to her by loyalty and obedience to God. The consequences of her choice were revealed in the stark poverty of her surroundings the night Christ was born. In a space reserved for animals, she swaddled her firstborn and lovingly laid Him in a manger. (Luke 2:7)

The storyline of Mary and Joseph is not part of a romantic Hallmark movie scene; I’m well familiar with the standard plot of each one as I’ve happily indulged in many hours of mindless viewing. Their lives show us the reality of being favored by God, His favor may take us to unexpected places, leave us in circumstances beyond our control, and place us on a path to a destination that only He knows. Are we willing, like Mary, to open our hearts to an unknown future? Would you dare to make room in your heart today?

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