Weapons of Righteousness

Last week I had a six-week checkup with my surgeon. He cleared me to begin strength training. He cautioned me about keeping the weights light and to begin with 2 lbs. Two pounds? Perhaps it sounds like nothing to you, but to me, it’s a huge step forward! I confess that my first fitness goal, ten years ago, was my triceps looking fierce when I held a microphone. Today, my desire is to hold my 3.2lb Bible in my right hand.  Why my right hand?  Because that’s where a soldier holds their sword. 


Engaging in spiritual warfare is a real thing, as warriors, along with the full armor of God, we need our weapons. The Bible is a razor-sharp sword of the Spirit. Jesus quoted the Scriptures when satan tried to tempt Him. During my recent battles with clouds of darkness after my surgery, God’s Word has been my weapon of choice. Not only do we need to wear our armor and carry our weapons, but Paul also says for us to

 “offer all the parts of yourselves to God as weapons for righteousness.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭6‬:‭13‬ ‭CSB‬‬

Weapons for Righteousness

When we offer ourselves to God as weapons for righteousness, we are committing to doing what He wants us to do. We are saying that we will serve Him and to promote His kingdom. The more I thought about this verse the more I questioned what this looks like in action. Once it clicked for me, several young women in Belize came to mind. 

  • My dearest friend Andrea, is the founder and owner of Kuchriments, a Belizean company that features products using the Kriol language. All of her sayings are family-friendly. There are some sayings that people would want her to print, but when it crosses a line into being vulgar or crass, she refuses to deviate from the Godly standard she has chosen. A true weapon of righteousness.


  • I thought of my friend Bethany, she has a dance company, 1504 Dance, that doesn’t just teach dance. She mentors, disciples, and is Jesus with skin on for the little ones in her charge. From praying with and over the girls, to selecting music that draws attention to Christ, to teaching them how incredibly precious they are in His sight, she uses her gifts and talents as weapons of righteousness.


  • And finally, my friend Verlie, of Arthurs Counselling and Consulting. She earned a Master’s degree to gain the depth of insight and expertise needed to counsel those who’ve been abused, exploited, or traumatized. Many young people go abroad for their education and remain in the new country for whatever reason. Verlie’s love for her country and desire to follow God’s leading brought her home to use her knowledge as weapons of righteousness for Him.

Whatever God has put in your hand, however He has equipped you, offer it up to Him. Every gift, every talent, in His hands, become powerful weapons against the darkness in your sphere of influence.


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