Myths and Misconceptions

Have you ever played the party game where you tell two truths and one lie? To win, you must hide the lie among the truths so that it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction. On the surface, myths and misconceptions can seem like lies.

The first time I played this game I failed miserably. The group easily spotted my lie. Perhaps because I was playing in Russia. My language skills were elementary and I hadn’t yet learned how to be deceptive.

In today’s society, we might have a nuanced church language that contends with worldly sayings and cultural differences. We must discern what the enemy is insinuating, and what the other person is actually saying. Sometimes it’s not about discernment of the truth versus a lie, it’s about truth versus myths and misconceptions.

  1. Christianity is about being like Christ.
  2. Christians are known by their love.
  3. Christianity has confusing rules.

Which statements are myths? What are the misconceptions? Are they all true statements? Am I being sarcastic? Would it be easier if you could hear my tone and not just read my words? If I add a Bible verse alongside the statement, would that make my meaning more clear?

  1. Christianity is about being like Christ. (Ephesians 5:1)
  2. Christians are known by their love. (John 13:35)
  3. Christianity has confusing rules. (Galatians 5:14)

Myths and Misconceptions

We find truth by knowing God’s Word. The snake in the Garden of Eden used a question to make Eve question. His “Did God really say…?” was a gateway for deception. Let’s close the gate by asking for clarity when we hear or read something we don’t quite understand. Our mindset determines the tone of the text. For those new to the faith, Christianity does have confusing rules. The way we love demonstrates who we are, however, Christians do not always show love when life’s circumstances have hardened them. When we overly value rules and regulations, Christianity is not solely about being like Christ.

I love food for thought. And in this season of recovery from shoulder surgery, my thoughts lead me to study, contemplate, and seek clarity and wisdom. I’m no longer running through my day fueled by highly caffeinated emotions. There is time to be still and know. In this season my husband and I have deeper conversations. Together we question what we read and hear on the news, social media, or from each other. May we slow down, and get to know God and one another better each day.

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