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I have a stuffy nose and aching knees, and I’ve lost my train of thought five times. I set down the phone, put in earplugs, and get to work. Tuning out all distractions is not easy in this social media era. But each evening at 8 pm, my phone automatically goes on Do Not Disturb, and it comes off at 5 am the following morning. There is a select number of people who can call or text me during those hours. As I pick up my textbook for the umpteenth time, I feel a sense of peace. As the quiet fills the room, I can focus on the words in front of me.

I underline, highlight, and take notes on white 3×5 cards with blue lines. Now and then, a word or a phrase jumps out at me, and I stop to ponder what it might mean.

Stop And Consider

In Job 37:14, Elihu utters these words to Job,

Stop and consider God’s wonders.

These words are not precisely what Job needed to hear, but they can inspire and direct us. To take in what we read or learn, we have to stop. Underlining, highlighting, and taking notes are a few ways to stop and consider a block of text. But how do we view God’s wonders that are all around us?  The fresh smell of rain, a sunset, or a butterfly crossing my path fill me with awe. Moving from distraction to wonder is to answer the call to stop and consider.  

Earlier this month, Hurricane Lisa made her presence known in Belize. It was a tremendous display of the power of God’s creation as the barrier reef acted as a buffer protecting the coastline from the storm. God’s wonders can protect, inspire, and bring healing to our souls when we take the time to stop and consider all His hands have made. As I end this day, I aim to set aside the distractions of life and focus for a moment on the One who truly matters. Won’t you join me?

2 thoughts on “Stop And Consider

  1. Amen! In our very forward movement to achieve our goals we must take the time to consider the wonderful works of God.
    Worship and thank him as he has not brought us this far to fail.

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