The Spirit Himself Intercedes

tick feverSomeone I love isn’t feeling well. Another person I love is questioning God. And someone else I love is struggling with personal issues. But those are not my stories, so I will tell this one instead.

I’ve called our dog, Koshka, a savage on many occasions. Her actual name doesn’t fit that description, though. Koshka means ‘kitten’ in Russian. Our feisty catdog kills and eats whatever comes into the yard. She doesn’t do it out of hunger—Koshka’s well fed, two times a day. Much like a lion, she hunts for sport. But sometimes, after she’s eaten one of her treasures, she won’t touch her dog food. So when she quit eating the other day, we weren’t alarmed by it. Today we noticed that our girl wasn’t feeling well. She was lethargic, and her stomach seemed upset, so my husband took her to the vet.


 Health problems bring behavior change.

Not just for our pets but us as well. Our mental, physical, or spiritual health impacts how we interact with our environment and with one another. Grief, bad news, and disappointment can alter a person’s behavior. Hormonal changes, medical emergencies, or dehydration can cause someone to act differently. This reminds me that when someone I care about seems different, it’s essential to check in with them, pray for them, and give them space to reveal what’s going on in their own time.


We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. Romans 8:26


 The Holy Spirit Intercedes

We don’t have to know every detail of what’s going on to pray effectively. No matter what issues our loved ones or we are facing, God knows and understands. And the Holy Spirit can intercede when our words feel inadequate for the task. Trust Him to intervene and bring healing in His time and in His way.

A prayer for today:

Father, You are the Author and Perfector of our faith. Help us to place that faith in You when we see our loved ones struggling. May the Spirit Himself intercede and groan in our spirits as we seek healing words for those we love. You are the Restorer, and Provider that we look to for help, hope, and healing. We place our trust in You and our loved ones in Your mighty hands; in Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


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