Chosen, Royal, Holy, Peculiar

Chosen. Royal. Holy. Peculiar. What do these four words have in common? Each term describes us as believers. We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation. And we are a peculiar people.  As I read 1 Peter 2:9 in various translations, the first thing that stands out is that only the King James Version uses the word peculiar. It’s a word that has come to have negative connotations. But does it really? Webster’s Dictionary defines peculiar as a characteristic of only one person, group, or thing: Distinctive. Peculiar isn’t odd, strange, or weird in the context of the bible verse; it means we are distinctly His.  We are chosen, royal, holy, peculiar, a distinctive group.

Peculiar Is A Calling

Because God has called us, we must lead lives worthy of our calling (Ephesians 4:1). It’s part of our calling to live as a distinct people set apart by Him.

Peculiar Is A Code

Being a distinctive group of people means that we all operate according to a code of conduct. We offer our bodies as living sacrifices (Romans 12:1), transform our minds in God’s Word (Romans 12:2), and have good judgment about our role in God’s family (Romans 12:3).

Peculiar Is A Choice

If living a peculiar life set apart by God is not for you, you can make a different choice about who you will serve. (Joshua 24:15)

Chosen, royal, holy, and peculiar is who we are.  A calling, a code, and a choice are what we have before us. We must decide to accept the calling, follow the code, and choose who our lives will serve each day!

Let’s Reflect

Think about each of the four words. Which one stands out to you? Create space in your day to meditate on that word and listen to what God wants you to know about it.

Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father, we bow before You, our King. Thank You for setting us apart for Yourself. Help us lead lives worthy of this calling. Help us conduct ourselves in a manner that shows the world we belong to You and strengthen us each day to make choices that honor and glorify You. In Your Son’s name, I pray. Amen.


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