Signs and Shadows

My coach issued a 10k-a-day step challenge to all of his athletes. I love to walk, especially outdoors. So my hand went up quickly to join in. Besides, I know from personal experience that walking and strength training are a great complement to one another. […]

Could You Do It?

Do you remember that meme on social media about slapping your best friend for a million dollars? Some variations replaced best friend with sibling, cousin, or mother. I’d forgive my kids if they split the money with me. But both of them said they couldn’t […]

I Will Show You

How long do you keep your Christmas tree up? I just took down our Christmas tree a few days ago. It’s not normal for me to leave my tree up for three months. But our sudden trip out of the country changed everything. I returned […]

When Not If

What a difference a word makes. The word ‘if,’ in my mind, is about probability. But the word ‘when’ means it’s just a matter of time. Some things are inevitable and we must be prepared for them. Hurricane season comes every year. It’s ‘when’ not […]